Celebrating the 50th anniversary of our unique tradition means we're pulling out all the stops. The party this year is one for the books and we're going to go big. Alumni Relations is happy to join forces with the students this year. 

We have something for everyone this year! If you want to wear galoshes and head out to the park, you can. If you want to stay warm and toasty inside the Rat with better beer and better food, you can! If you want to traverse between both events, you can! In addition to the traditional groundhog celebration, the Office of Alumni Relations will be hosting an alternative groundhog extravaganza in the Rat! Check out the schedule for full details!

Event Guidelines... Know before you come

  • Ticket (i.e. your Groundhog 2013 quarter zip pullover) is REQUIRED for entry.
  • State ID REQUIRED. Current students must also provide student IDs.
  • If you are 21 years of age or older you must receive a wrist band prior to boarding the shuttles. You cannot obtain a wrist band at the Park. If yours tears you must bring the old one and get a new one at the entrance to the shuttles.
  • Entrance to event is by shuttle only (pick up and drop off is at Lynch Circle and Carpenter Hall). Last shuttle to event departs at 11:00pm, no admittance after that time.
  • No bags, purses, or containers (including flasks) of any kind.
  • Those publicly intoxicated will not be admitted to event.
  • Public intoxication will result in removal from event. The University Alcohol Policy remains in effect.
  • No refunds.