The Gupta College of Business Alumni Committee began in March 2014 after a motion to create the committee passed during the fall 2013 National Alumni Board meeting.



The committee will oversee and advise on programming specific to the Gupta College of Business alumni (including alumni of the former Graduate School of Management). Currently, the committee is collaborating on industry specific networking events, employer sponsored breakfasts at businesses in DFW that employ multiple alumni, and other events that target business oriented alumni. 


The committee recognizes the importance of alumni participation as a factor of corporate and foundation development. Speaking about why they give and the many accomplishments of the Gupta College of Business, the committee will open lines of communication with the community and serve as the liaison to university administration.

Contact the Committee

As leaders of the business alumni community, the committee members are eager to hear from alumni regarding the committee and future of the community. Send in your questions or concerns.

Are you interested in serving on the committee? Please send Alumni Relations an email at

Committee Chair

Theresa Guerra, MS 2017

Committee Members

Mitch Boersma
BA 2008

Ann Crossman
MBA 2008

Kristina Domazetoska
MBA 2013 

Dexter Freeman
MBA 2011
​Current National Alumni Board President

Theresa Guerra
MS 2017

Tim Hong
MBA 2011

Madison Milliken
BA 2011, MBA 2014

Tolu Oluwafemi
MS 2016

Rena M. Price
MBA 2005

Ruchir Rahul
MBA 2016

Richard Schaffner
MBA 1981

Jon Thorpe
MBA 2009