If you’ve ever had a craving for a great dirty, chai tea latte (chai tea latte with a shot of espresso), Kellie Fitzpatrick is the barista to make it for you. Kellie is working at the Capp Bar for her fourth year at the University of Dallas. Not only does she make your order fast and correct, down to the soy-milk, half sugar-free vanilla and half sugar-free caramel syrup, americano with hazelnut grounds, but she does it with a flair of personality that makes the visit a great one each and every time. She even makes those jokes to brighten up a patron’s mood no matter the issue; “I like the Capp Bar a latte!”

When you get to know Kellie, it is a little unexpected at first that she is a theology major, until you get to the moment and realize, it is absolutely the perfect major for her. Kellie found her moment of enlightenment during her Rome semester. “I was in Rome and we were at the silent retreat,” she described. She was in front of the altar when she confirmed her choice of major; really “He decided for me.”

Kellie chose UD because she wanted to go to a really good Catholic school. “[I] knew college is a really informative time and I didn’t want to lose my faith.” Even though it is her senior year and many of her classmates are using their electives to take non-major courses, Kellie is not. “I want to take every theology class I can.”

Looking back on her time at the University, Kellie focused in on life as a student. She lived in Theresa Hall her freshman year and then in the New Hall when she returned from Rome. Reminiscing, living in Theresa Hall was the very best mix of having a good time without being too crazy. It was there that she discovered the “really good sense of community” that comes with being a student at UD. “It is almost indescribable how everyone here becomes your family.”