Victoria while at UDIf you are ever on campus listening to the casual conversations in the Capp Bar, they often take a turn from the less casual and move to be more intellectual. Politics and theology are possibly one of the most popular topics of conversation, so it isn’t a surprise that many alumni take an interest in continuing that conversation after leaving the University. Victoria Delgado added her name to the ranks of those alumni and is currently employed by the Republican National Committee (RNC) in Washington DC.

Victoria has her BA in Psychology and graduated in 2011. So how did she get into the soon to be chaotic political sphere? It started with an internship. Last summer Victoria took an internship with Building on that experience, she is now the Director of Surrogates and Media Booker with the RNC. Her responsibilities include getting people associated with the RNC on television and radio. Right now she and the RNC are getting ready the official Republican nominee for President to be named. "That's when it will really get fast and furious,” says Delgado.

Though she calls the East Coast home, Victoria’s early years were formed in the West Coast, but she knew she had to go to college at UD. “I went to a small Catholic school in California. Out of nine grads, four went to UD. Going to college where everything I had been taught and everything I believe in was the norm.” She was happy that while here she didn’t have to be defensive in regards to her beliefs, but rather had the opportunity to explore and learn more deeply why she is Catholic. “I came to UD with a pretty grounded faith. I always knew morally I should go to church, but knowing why I’m Catholic and making informed and intellectual decisions for the practice” is something she learned from her time at UD.

While maintaining and strengthening her faith, Victoria enjoyed the academic and social aspects of UD. Undaunted by the vast amount of time and dedication it takes to be a psychology major, Victoria persevered and carried away a love of the psychology program at UD. Her academic life was touched and inspired especially by Dr. Erin Freeman. “She was awesome," Delgado says of Freeman. "Just seeing how much Dr. Freeman has done with her life is amazing. She has accomplished so much; women like her are inspiring.”

Though a serious student, Victoria will always consider UD special because it brought her to her husband, Logan Chism ’11. “I don’t think I would have found anybody like him if I went to a different school.” That special quality extends to more than just finding her husband; it is “this whole community that I have been brought in to ... the camaraderie and meeting people, being friends for life.”

Though she has graduated and moved out-of-state, Victoria has plans to be an active alum in the largest UD community outside of Texas. You’ll find her “touting the UD message…I’m very excited to talk about my alma mater” and takes special pride of where she went to school.