UD’s 4th Annual Cor Challenge

Participate and join the conversation.

May 7 - 9, 2015

72 hours is all it takes to bring a community together. During the Cor Challenge you can: 

  • Lead a challenge.
  • Support students, faculty and programs. 
  • Participate by making a gift and joining the conversation. 

Why do you give? 

Do you still use your education? Do you find that you are better prepared for your vocation because of a professor, a class, or program at the University of Dallas? Did you meet your soul-mate while studying at the Cap Bar? Do you attend alumni events? Whatever your reason and whether you give $5.80 or $5,800, every gift counts because each supports the Cor Fund and increases our alumni participation rate. View your class' participation rate. 

What is an alumni participation rate and why does it matter?

The alumni participation rate is the percentage of alumni that give. This figure is a factor in academic rankings and the decision-making process of most philanthropic foundations and other prospective donors. See how the participation rates were affected by this event last year.

Participate by giving to UD during the Cor Challenge from May 7 - 9, 2015.

Secure online giving is easy at udallas.edu/donate or follow the excitement with #SupportUD.

Our Goal: $100,000

Did you know that UD's alumni community is 31,000 members strong? If every person gave $2.50, the university would have enough to cover the tuition and room of two undergraduates. If 1,250 alumni made a gift of $5 a month for a year ($60 in total), the university would be able to cover the matriculation fee for nearly 500 new MBA/MS students. The possibilities are endless. We have no doubt the alumni community is capable of coming together, turning what are small gifts into an overwhelming show of support.

Here's what you can do:

Make your own gift online during the Cor Challenge and challenge others to give with you. Want to lead a challenge? Contact Leah Looten, Director of Alumni & Donor Relations at llooten@udallas.edu or 972-721-5133.

Learn about the projects supported by the Cor FundDid you know faculty raises, student scholarships and programming support (like the Rome Semester) all come from the Cor Fund?

Elevate the conversation about giving. What is your reason for making a gift? Ask your peers about their's.