Keefe stands in the grotto of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Vatican City.The university has recently been honored with several opportunities to serve the Catholic Church in the U.S. and abroad.

Early in December, President Thomas Keefe traveled to the Vatican to attend an international congress, Ecclesia in America. The conference, called in response to His Holiness Benedict XVI's call for the Catholic Church to celebrate a Year of Faith and under the guidance of Our Lady of Guadalupe, worked to foster bonds of friendship between Catholics in both of the Americas.

While there, Keefe stayed within the walls of the Vatican at the House of Saint Martha, a residence constructed by His Holiness John Paul II to house the cardinals in conclave to select the new pope. The residence usually serves as a guesthouse.

Earlier in the year, Keefe represented UD at a working group led by the United States Committee of Catholic Bishops on the 10-year review of Ex Corde Ecclesiae. Participants prayerfully deliberated on how to bridge academic and pastoral efforts to the greater fulfillment of the Church's mission.

"It was a great blessing and honor for UD to be recognized as a successful Catholic institution and to help the future of Catholic education," said Keefe.