Super Dave LeMire

Super Dave might be the most recognized and beloved person on the University of Dallas campus.  We had the opportunity to talk to Super Dave about some of his favorite things and people at UD. 

What is your fondest memory of the University of Dallas?
Easy. In late Nov. 2003, when Campus Safety was finally split off from the Facilities Department and began functioning as its own department.  After that, we started reporting directly to Bob Galecke.  He enthusiastically supports the mission of CSO and provides the means for us to be successful.

How has the University of Dallas shaped the person you are today?
It has brought me into contact with thousands of people over the years and I value those relationships because I’m a people person.  It’s also taught me a lot of patience.

What makes the University of Dallas special?
Many things including the Core Curriculum, its Catholic nature, the great faculty here, and the small size of the University.

Who from the University of Dallas most impacted your life?  How?
Roy Dunlap, a co-worker from CSO years ago, who basically became a father to me after my own Dad died in 1984.   Charlie Steadman, my current boss at CSO, who taught me how the “real world” operates outside the “UD bubble.”

What is your vision for University of Dallas for the next 5 years?
That we can raise more money for the University, continue to grow our undergraduate enrollment, and stabilize our GSM enrollment.   I think these are goals that everyone wants, including President Keefe, and I believe he has the leadership qualities to accomplish them.  

What role can alumni play in helping the University of Dallas thrive?
They should stay in touch so they can continue to spread the word about UD to friends and family.  This will help recruiting new students.  And they should express their interest by donating annually to UD.  Even if it’s a small amount, it demonstrates their care for UD and their interest in its future.

Why do you support the University of Dallas as a volunteer and a donor?
Because I care deeply about UD after protecting its people and property for 29 years as a Campus Safety Officer.

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