Dr. Curtsinger in front of the Tower.Many remember Dr. Eugene Curtsinger fondly. As a professor, he encouraged and assisted generations of students through the study of literature. More than a teacher though, he was the founding academic dean of the University of Dallas. He brought into being the university’s original curriculum.

During his tenure at the University of Dallas, he served as Chairman of the English Department and Director of the Rome program. He was recognized as a King Fellow, an award conferred to a senior faculty member in recognition of distinguished academic performance. He passed away on October 22, 2008, after 52 years of devoted service to the University.

In addition to being a loving husband, father, and grandfather; dedicated teacher and mentor; consummate seeker of knowledge; and a man of compassion and wit; he also successfully authored eight novels. He has left us his intellectual legacy.

One of his novels, Seldom Without Love was recently published in Kindle format by the estate of the late Dr. Eugene Curtsinger.

Cover image of Seldom Without LoveSeldom Without Love is a novel filled with boisterous good humor, heady sentiment, and, of course, love – all kinds of love: physical love, family love, and the love of God. From the moment Sam Carlson’s wife straps the batteries of a mail-order hearing aid just above her shapely knee, tucks the amplifier into her bosom, and tunes herself back in on the noise of small-town Texas life, the story of her “whole long wonderful hot crazy summer” leaps to life with resounding gusto.

Anne, the mother of five, finds that her hearing aid signals mixed blessings. Its arrival sparks her determination to raise the money to build a Catholic church in her country town, a Texas community riding out the Depression on “little more than squash, corn, cantaloupe, and a hard-tied knot of cussedness and hope.” And with the blossoming of her sense of mission, the fun begins.

(From the dust jacket of Seldom Without Love, 1956)

The e-book can be purchased through Amazon for $9.99, and can be read on a Kindle device or other e-readers that support the Kindle format. 50% of the proceeds from every Seldom e-book sold will be given to the University of Dallas to support the general scholarship fund.