2017 Cor Challenges & Results

Trustee's Challenge - Open to All
A current member of the Board of Trustees will match all new or increased gifts received during the Cor Challenge, up to $50,000 total. If you haven't made a gift this year, now's the time. If you've already made a gift, increase your support to UD with an additional gift to UD and it will be doubled, too! You won't see this challenge on the giving page because you don't need to give directly to it. Any gifts made during the Cor Challenge count towards this challenge.
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Friends of Super Dave
Friends of UD and friends of Super Dave, this one's for you. Let's come together as a community to support UD. Peter and Beth Blute will match all gifts of $25 or more, up to $10,000 total, made by friends of Super Dave during the Cor Challenge.
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Iliad Challenge
Sponsor a copy of the Iliad for next year's freshmen. Your gift does much more than sponsor a book. It's a hands-on way of showing UD's newest students that the alumni support them on their great journey at UD, and it's an inspiration for them to do the same when they become alumni. With your gift, include a message for the student, which will be inscribed in their book. You will receive a thank you note from a student in early fall, once classes begin. Approx. 380 copies are needed at $20 ea.
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Class of 1965 Challenge
Danny '65 and Kay Borkowski will donate $65 for every member of the Class of 1965 who makes a gift, up to a total of $1,500.
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Class of 1975 Challenge
A member of the Class of 1975 will donate $1000 if the Constantin alumni from the Class of 1975 reach 20% participation. You're over halfway there at 11.5% and just need another 14 donors to make a gift this fiscal year to reach 20% participation!
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Class of 1988 Challenge
Fabius Bascon will donate $1,000 when the Class of 1988 reaches 20% participation. You're halfway there at 10% already and just need an additional 18 members of the Class of 1988 to make your first gift of the year during this challenge in order to make that happen!
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Class of 1999, Champions Challenge
The Class of 1999 will match each of the first 75 donations made to this challenge from ANY CLASS with a gift of $19.99. Every subsequent gift received after the first 75 qualifies for a $99 match! Don't wait to donate - the 1st 50 donors from the Class of 1999 receive a free koozie.
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Class of 2015 Challenge
For every member who donates during the Cor Challenge, a classmate will pray for you and your intentions by name on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Those who donate $20.15 or more will receive a postcard from a classmate with a personal thank-you note.
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